Saturday, June 28, 2008

Guess Who's Having a Birthday?

Yukon is TEN! Today!
First of all, I am shocked that he made it this far. He was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 2, had bad hips by 6, blown his knee by 8 and was most recently diagnosed with diabetes at age 9. And the people that we got him from said that he got into rat poison when he was a puppy. Can YOU believe he made it to 10? Well I guess I have my local vet, my sister-in-law (long distance vet :D), pharmacist and the drug companies to thank for helping keep our much beloved Yukon around for so long.

We can't have a birthday celebration with out the family Birthday Hat!

This is a happy dog, in his very own pool.

And he has a buddy over for the weekend! He loves Angus like a long lost brother and they have lots of fun together when they get together. Here they are sharing the pool, also know as an oversize water dish!
Happy Birthday Yukon!!!

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Gretchyn said...

Happy Birthday, Yukon! Harley says hello. :)