Sunday, June 8, 2008

Time Trials

This was the only picture that I took at time trials. Time trials is how the coaches decide who is on the A team and who is on the B team. It is also the base time for the kids to improve on as the season progresses. All the kids swim every event, except relays. I did not get to see J-man swim any events, only warm ups. I was busy on the other side of the pool deck helping the dive team get signed up. While I had a good time chatting away with lots of people, I missed all of time trials. Bummer. It was cold out side too. I felt really bad for all of the cold wet kids. So we will know next week if J-man is on the A team or the B team and then swim meets start the week after that! I sure wish that the weather would get better so that we could have some sunny poolside afternoons!
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Jules said...

What a fantastic picture...if you only got one, you got the best one!